Recycled Art Bags and cat food, huh!

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These shopping bags are a great reuse of these pet food bags. But, I gotta say if your pet food comes in a plastic bag that can be made into a shopping bag, you are buying the wrong stuff.

No pet food worth your money comes in a bag like this. The first rule about buying your cat food is never buy it in a grocery store. Cat food available in a grocery store is made of garbage. Yes, garbage. The ingredients are what is left over when all the human edible product is removed, the garbage. Quality cat food is never sold in plastic like this. Cat food companies who care sell their food in not permeable bag with a food safe lining. 

One of the ingredients often found in this garbage food is from making beer, brewer’s rice, waste product from breweries, cheap, non-nutritive filler can be harsh on intestines and lead to diabetes.

Beet pulp is the garbage left over from making sugar, PS this is also a genetically modified organism (GMO). 

My first exposure to What is in Our Pet’s Food is this article. Read it, weep and never buy your beloved cats crap again.

Here is a shorter article on what to avoid in your cat’s food.

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