and Dogs?? Oh, my!

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PictureAugust 2015, I have two dogs and a cat in my lap. 🙂

I can not tell a lie, I have been house sitting with dogs all along. When I return to Forks, where I had my original Pampurred Pet Care, I go back to house sit with cats and dogs and sometimes, just for dogs, gasp! 

I am just beginning as a Professional Cat Sitter in Battle Ground. Last week I realized I needed a part-time job. Today with the help of so many friends I had an epiphany. I don’t need to work for anyone else. For a limited time I can accept dog clients or clients with dogs. I will work for them as long as they want me to be their Professional Pet Sitter.  Just like I do for my cat clients. 

Cats are my focus, I will not be changing any of my materials. For a period of time I’ll just tell the people I meet that yes I do care for dogs. When I am a little more established I will stop accepting new dog clients. I won’t have to quit a job!  This is a fabulous solution. 

As we all move through our lives we never walk alone. I moved through this transition with the help of many friends and the loving support of my husband. Thank you one and all. Now off to make fliers!

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