Comfort Zone -Feliway. Accept no substitutes

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I really like Comfort Zone – Feliway. It diffuses a pheromone to calm cats down. We have used it on our several moves to help our cats adjust. As much as I like Comfort Zone, I don’t like box stores. I believe in shopping at local, independent store when ever possible. Voting with my dollars is important to me. 

When I knew we were going to integrate the white cat from outside into our home, I bought a substitute product at a local store. Comfort Zone around here is only available at the box stores. I also don’t support store that sell animals, I especially abhor the pet box stores. 

I got Sentry’s Calming Diffuser for Cats. After weeks the liquid has not diffused. I just called Sentry and they wanted me to have the box or receipt, both of which were recycled a month ago. Getting a copy of the receipt would not work for them. 

The person helping me…. after talking with her supervisor is going to escalate the situation…. and recommend I get my money back?!?! Totally their words.

Of course I want a product that is working not my money. No they can only send me money. I think this is so funny, I may or may not get my money back since I have the product, but no proof of purchase, although I could get a print out of the receipt, but that’s a copy and they do not accept copies. I guess they are saying their product doesn’t work and they’d rather maybe give me my $30 back?? 

I of course will not be buying Sentry anymore. I will have to go to Amazon through the Smile program to get the stuff that works. At least I’ll be donating to a charity or even a podcast!

On a certain level I find this funny but in the end it isn’t. The tool I needed did not work and the relationship our cats have could be affected long term. They have had time to get in a not getting along mode. When I get comfort Zone I hope that will change. 

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