Over the Rainbow Bridge

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Yesterday I learned one of my very first human clients has died. She lived a full life, but it is heartbreaking. I was there when one of them got cancer, for a funeral for their dog, when the other two dogs died and the cat, when one of her children died. I know their children. I was integrated into the family. 

I get bummed occasionally. Since our pets don’t live as long as we do. Caring for them as their guardian or pet sitter makes us sad when they go over Rainbow Bridge.  It is a comfort to me that I believe in Rainbow Bridge. My client was greeted by her beloved pets then journeyed over the bridge to reunite with her husband and children. It is a good way to think of the end of life. 

I have a page to celebrate our pets. If you’d like to have me add your cat or other pets just send me a message or click on the envelope above. 

In the end, I mourn the passing of pets and people, but I really celebrate that they were in my life and I am happy to have known them. I think it honors their memory when I think about them every now and then. 

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