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Purr-fessional Cat Sitter

Purr-fessional Cat Sitter ~ Patt Doyle ~

What is a Purr-fessional Cat Sitter you ask? I Am!

Patt Doyle - Purr-fessional Cat Sitter - Battle Ground, WACat sitting is my business. This is the only work I do. I’m totally focused on caring for your cats, other small pets and your home.

When you hire a purr-fessional cat sitter, caring for your cats is our job. Much of my competition is the kid next door and relatives. They do a good job most of the time, but they have school, after school events, work and other obligations. Occasionally they forget to stop by to see your cats. As a Purr-fessional Cat Sitter I show up when you make a reservation, my clients sleep well while they are gone.

Since this is my business you know I will visit your cat at least once a day, more often if you like and I will lock the door when I leave. You tell me exactly how you want me to care for your cats and I will. I spend 30 to 45 minutes in your home. I do the chores then I spend the rest of the time with your cats. It is this quality time with your cat that makes the difference.

I provide peace of mind for you, knowing I will care for your cats while you are away as if they were my own. I bring in the mail and newspaper, take out the trash and bring it in. I help make your home look occupied while you are gone. I use timers in a few rooms and move the shades. It is the little things that make your home look like someone is home as a deterrent to crime.

*My clients tell me they don’t worry when they are gone, which is one of my goals. My other goals are that you come home to content cats and your home is just the way you left it.

I have been Professional Pet Sitting since 1998.