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Being Insured, Bonded, and Licensed The Real Scoop

I have an huge issue with pet sitters saying they are licensed and bonded. It can imply so much to our clients. I am very concerned potential clients will be lead astray by this terminology in the pet sitting profession. I want you to know what Professional Pet Sitter means when we say we are bonded and licensed.

We all know what insurance is, but a bond and a license for pet sitters is not the same as bonds and licenses for other professions.

For instance my friend is a licensed hair stylist, she is required to be licensed.

To be a cosmetologist in Washington:

As a Professional Cat Sitter I got my business license from the State of Washington in November 1998. It cost $15 and I filled out the paperwork. I also have a business license from the City of Battle Ground, WA. All I did was fill out the paperwork and pay the fee. My licenses prove I am serious about my business and I do consider what I do as my occupation.

My business licenses are one part of why I am a Professional Cat Sitter.

Being bonded as a Cat Sitter means I have paid an extra fee for more insurance. When you see a contractor’s vehicle and they say they are bonded, it is a surety bond. Contractors are required by law to be registered and have a surety bond and be insured. Pet Sitters are required to have a business license, nothing else.

Another reason I am a Professional Cat Sitter is that I have purchased my business licenses, insurance and a bond.But, when I say I am bonded and licensed, remember it may not mean what you think it means. It does mean a Pet Sitter who has gone the extra mile to be the best professionals we can be.